XIAOMI REDMI DEAD | Only Notification light blinks | Solved.

As i visited a friend’s place he told me that his redmi phone was not powering ON and when he tries to switch it ON or connect the charger only the notification light starts breathing( blinking dim to bright) so i tried to solve the problem by disassembling the phone using a army knife as i was not having any tools with me, the steps i tried were successful and solved his problem.

Take care and do the repair on your own risk.

Thank you for watching. Have a GOODTIME.

38 thoughts on “XIAOMI REDMI DEAD | Only Notification light blinks | Solved.”

  1. I have this Redmi 4x and suddenly it stops working. Can't turn on. It stucks on logo whenever charged. So I change to a new battery, still the same. I followed some other youtube videos, doesn't help. Bought another battery but at this time, given up. So I just left the phone and that second new battery for over a year. Today I just feel like searching on youtube again and I found your video. So at random, I just started on that phone again. Put on the second new battery, did like what you said. And there, it works fine! Sir, you are the best and I hope you have a great life.

  2. Same problem happens with me. I kept charging my dead phone to 5 min. It automatically wake up and then I power on it. No need to do this. I am not critisizing this video. Btw great work sir for helping others. Good luck

  3. It wooooooooooorkeeeeeeeed thank you so much random indian tutorial this worked for me my phone is
    Xiaomi Redmi 5a i thought i wont fix my cp anymore but thanks to you i saved money

  4. It works for me. In my case, I let the battery drained and when I charge it, it wasnt turning on. I just remove the connection of the battery to the motherboard, turn it on and its good now. This is the first ever Indian tutorial that is helpful. You got a new sub!

  5. Man can i ask you one thing??? Why are you making drama?? To get viewers and make money??? Why are you making people fool..?
    Iam a repair specialist.. Yet i did my course in ENGLAND.. The step he described her is entirely fake gyz.. Plz do not do this kind of things.. Bcz that mbl is alrdy in good condition…. Gyz if you don't Blve me just look how he is switching on the screen button.. He is just acting like he is switching on the screen button but no he is not.. He is just fake gyz plz don't thank this kind of ass hole peoples videos..

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