Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Teardown || Disassembly || all internal Parts || How to open Redmi 6 Pro

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Realme 2 Disassembly /Teardown

Nokia 6.1 Plus Disassembly

Redmi 6 pro VS Realme 2 Watch Now

Fingerprint Sensor 2:15
Battery Connector 3:00
Louad Speaker 4:15
Battery Removing 4:40
Charging Pin , Mic (SUB Board) 5:40
Touch Connector 6:00
Vibrater 7:00
Motherboard 8:35
Front Camera 9:40

32 thoughts on “Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Teardown || Disassembly || all internal Parts || How to open Redmi 6 Pro”

  1. hello guys,'

    im the lucky owner of a redmi 6 pro,

    my screen broke so i order a new one from aliexpress.

    The screen came today and i follow a youtube guide and replace the cracked screen with the new one.

    now the screen is all black,..

    u can call the phone, and it vibrates and you can use the touch in the back for log in, and u can turn it on and off.

    but no matter what, the screen is black.

    So i thought i just go back to the old screen cracked glass screen.

    That screen is also black now, all the time.

    What did i broke?

    help guys.

  2. Not gonna lie…xiaomi has gotten really good at designing phones. Notice how the screen isn't glued on like the iPhones and all but instead is affixed with latches and connects to the frame meanwhile also maintaining the 2.5D glass effect.

    This enhances the structural integrity of the device while making the repair & assembly process much easier.

    Good work Xiaomi.

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