Xiaomi Mi CC9(Mi A3) vs Mi 9T(Redmi K20) – THIS WAS A TOUGH DECISION!

The Xiaomi Mi CC9 was just released with very impressive cameras. It’s also powered by a powerful Snapdragon 710 processor, 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM, 4030mAh battery and 18W fast charging.

The Xiaomi Mi 9T is a great rival for the Mi CC9 as they are both in the same price range. Xiaomi Mi CC9 vs Xiaomi Mi 9T, checkout who won in the video.

24 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi CC9(Mi A3) vs Mi 9T(Redmi K20) – THIS WAS A TOUGH DECISION!”

  1. Thanks Techbeans,good information for comparing xiami mi 9T and xiaomi CC9,i guess 😂…. Its really cool….you help me a lot when i want to choose a good quality smartphone…… So, i decide to choose realme 3 pro cuz its a powerful budget phone for gaming…..BTW keep it up and discover more new smartphone in future Techbeans…..and hey guys don't forget to subscribe to Techbeans channel cuz he will upload video every day…..

  2. When it comes to processor, ofcourse snapdragon 730 of xiaomi mi 9t is much faster than snapdragon 710 of xiaomi cc3. Mi 9t is just a lot faster at loading apps, and even playing games. When you're into games, xiaomi mi 9t ofcourse. Also mi 9t doesn't have notch which is very great. You can experience full screen display. Xiaomi mi cc9 on the other hand has a great design. Curved effect is just awesome. It looks like k20 pro but different effects. It also has a notch which is not good compared to mi 9t. When it comes to camera, for me cc9 may be better, but it's just a little. So both phones are great at camera. Overall, i would choose mi 9t. For me perfomance comes first. Great comparison!!!

  3. Dude super amoled or amoled are no different. It's still OLED. Don't let the marketing term fools you. "Black are blacker" ? OLED panel that can turn pixels off completely for displaying black color. How can one blacker than other?

  4. Not Bad for CC9 pero ung pagka shaky in video parang un lang ung naging downside nia for me. Yung bang nasabi mo ng "Ayy okay toh ahh sabay , ayyy un lang" Well para sa mga mahihilig mag video or blog this is not recommendable . But All in all CC9 is not bad lalo na SD 710 pa at ung design sa likod sobrang ganda ng pagkaka aurora .. #TechBeansGiveaway


  5. This was the toughest tech battle I had ever seen ! Haha. I am actually torn apart about the two because you had not been biased on one phone only. It is important for me to have a phone with expandable storage, but I also want a better processor! It's the first time I'm torn apart and can't choose. Great review once again !


  6. Parang targeted talaga ang build nila cc9 is for her and mi 9t is for him hehehe ang maganda kasi kay cc9 di motorized camera nya at mas maganda pa ang cam si mi 9t naman built for gaming kasi walang notch in the end mamimili ka kung gusto mo better camera and display kay cc9 ka pero kung gusto mo sa gaming at no notch kay mi 9t ka na
    For me mas okay sakin ang cc9 dahil sa display kaso gusto ko din no notch haha so confused

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