Worth Getting? – DBrand Grip Review for the iPhone XR and iPhone XS

If you want a decent handling iPhone case, check out the DBrand Grip. But don’t be fooled by the DBrands claim of a revolutionary grip! Other than that, this iPhone case provides average drop protection and has terrible buttons. The only thing that bumps DBrand Grip above the average case is that you can spend more money and buy a custom 3M cover for the back.

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40 thoughts on “Worth Getting? – DBrand Grip Review for the iPhone XR and iPhone XS”

  1. Thanks God I didnt get the dbrand grip, lucky for me I pre order the s10+ one and they had a delay till July. So with their poor CS email reply with me I just decide to cancel it.

    I am glad that I got my refund now and went with Mous instead. I am using the Rhinoshield crushguard it is also great for the S10+. I just like to change my case alot but I like a case that is able to with stand bad drops.

    I am still waiting for my Mous case hopefully it will be as good as my rhinoshield.

    Great Review!!!! I have put dbrand out of my shopping list forever, I dont even care if it is free. I wont use them after the BS CS email reply from them.

    Thank you for the discount code for Mous.

    Keep up the good work!!!!

  2. I used to watch a lot of this kind of reviews. Now I just get apple care plus and relax about minor scratches. But this channel is No.1 in my book. Great work man. 👍

  3. I originally had the grip 1.0 for my s8 plus and it was alot grippier but the problem was the buttons and it was a bumper. The 2.0 version has no d30 like the 1.0 version and I don't personally drop my phone much but def for protectiveness I don't feel that it's the best either. They sent me a 2.0 version from the problems of the 1.0 and I currently have the note 9, and Its def. Not the best protective case. Awesome vid, you got a new subscriber

  4. Awesome, you just stopped me from buying into the hype!
    I recently broke the back of my iPhone X and got a dbrand skin to keep all the glass together. Now I want to get a case as I don't trust the skin with another drop.
    After watching your videos, I am trying to decide between the Mous Limitless 2.0 / Mous Clarity / RhinoShield SolidSuit. Price is not an issue and I see you got codes for both, which I would gladly use 🙂
    I have normal sized hands, but the size of the iPhone X was already something to get used to after coming from a 7, so I am hesitant to get a Mous.
    (Also I cannot switch the case around, as I fear that the skin with all the glass pieces will tear / come loose)
    Do you have a recommendation?

  5. i was actually looking at these as I like their skins…. need drop protection though for the Xs, thanks! Moving on, is a Pursuit and a Mouz redundant? Was looking for one light and one more tougher.. or do I go Defender? Want to cover Apple logo lol. New subscriber but awesome videos! Glad to see fellow Canadian!

  6. From iPhone 6s Plus I always get the carbon Evutec case and I still use it in my XS Max and OnePlus 7 pro with no problems. I really can't stand thick cases like these, these phones are designesd to look and feel thin, not to be inside a brick….

  7. Mous did the lower middle first. I have both the mous limitless wood and this case. I found the mous to be better as far as holding on to the phone I.e. harder to get in and out. This case seemed more comfortable to hold while gaming. As you’ve shown I’d take the mous over this.

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