WORST Features of Official Samsung One UI (Android 9 Pie) for Galaxy S9

Bixby is back! and this time you can’t disable it… In this review we take you through the WORST features of One UI, well the top 3. I personally do like the update, and hope that Samsung continue to improve on it, but, just some of the changes really bug me and here they are.

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38 thoughts on “WORST Features of Official Samsung One UI (Android 9 Pie) for Galaxy S9”

  1. One more thing i would definitely mention are used to use all the time and i was able to use apps in a split mode without any problem just by holding their multitask button every time when i wanted to pay for something i simply holded there multitask button from the browser i was able to open another up now i have to press the button then open their menu up in split window from there from the window itself, this is just stupid. and the other thing when I was watching the YouTube I could simply hold the multitask an opening the solit mode app without any problem in a seconds and that's all gone, now now everything is just more time-consuming what is the point of the update just for sake of updating

  2. Bixby is a nightmare
    Whenever I put the phone in landscape on any surface the Bixby button is pressed and ruin everything. And when I put the navigation and try to put it on the holder
    And u can access it by saying hi and by swiping right and from the app
    Gosh it's a nightmare

  3. Samsung: I get that you wanna ship your version of a personal assistant on Android devices, and we all get it: but the issue is that NO ONE asked for it, and no one wants to use it.

    I don't know why you can't at least allow users to uninstall/disable all services from Bixby, giving the user options at least…just takes up space on my hardware that i'm not gonna use…

  4. I've had none of these issues. My Bixby just navigated me to work no problem. If you hold the home screen on any blank spot, you can turn off Bixby home by simply swiping to the Bixby page and boom.

  5. This update is the best you people that hate this update is apple fanboys because samsung fans know how much big of an upgrade(update retards) this is
    And jealous because apple is living up to they're promise

  6. I hate pie. Camera sucks slower to take a pic, apps do not work with pie including some sytem apps. Drains battery faster average 3 hours less than oreo. Display is not as sharp. Not only do I have the ugly S9plus with crappy infinity display and uglier glass back now I have an OS to match. Going to upgrade to note 3 just for the bezels and flat screen.

  7. 1. You can disable Bixby or add Google assistant with additional app called bxActions. Worked fine on Oreo and works fine on Pie/One UI.
    *Bixby is more like you phone assistant and not personal assistant (like Google or Siri). For now, it understands instructions that are related to your device (add alarm, play song…)
    2.Changing photo to video is just ONE swipe away from you now. Don't be such a wuss about it.
    3.Go to developers options and decrease the animations and window transitions to 0.5

    My point is that One UI brings many more useful features and additions than these neat picking "bad features".

  8. I guess because I have the S9+ I'm not dealing with any lag issues but it does make me nervous about updating the phone in the future seeing how these companies like to gimp performance on older phones.

  9. I'm kind of having lag issues across the board (note 9). If i swipe down from the lock screen to get the widgets like flashlight, the animation is incredibly laggy, but once i swipe down with the screen unlocked, it's buttery smooth. The app switcher start up is occasionally laggy as well (like u said). And even pressing the home button has a noticeable stutter pretty frequently.

    Anyone else having similar issues? I was so excited for this update, and im pretty let down.

    I also think my battery drains faster despite using dark mode, and the new tap to wake always on display option… was hoping my battery would improve with those features

  10. you can disable Bixby by going to the home screen, pinch your fingers together like zooming out on a photo, then swipe to the left-most screen and uncheck the toggle switch that says "Bixby Home."

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