Why No One Cares About the iPhone 11

Does anyone care about the iPhone 11? I’ve never seen a lead up to an iPhone release with less excitement than we have this year’s release. Here we are days away from the launch event and it’s already snooze-fest here.
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21 thoughts on “Why No One Cares About the iPhone 11”

  1. The notch killed it for me, none of the geeks talk about IPhone issues. I’m afraid to buy new IPhone. Last 5 new IPhone had nothing but issue. Only for Apple to replace phone with same issue. The Apple lines are gone and for good reason. Quality..Price and lost trust in Apple.

  2. great video Jason. I enjoyed the way you shot it and edited it. My thoughts on the iPhone 11.
    I honestly don't care. I look forward MORE to your videos about it than the product release.
    ps. I still use my 8 plus.

  3. Yes i care about the new iPhone!
    And to be honest, its a bit ridiculous everybody is hating on iphones.
    they are not even out yet. You are all judging on leaks which nobody knows if they are true. And i think this is wrong.

  4. I like your honesty and take on technology. I bought a used XS Max and I’m loving it. However I will never upgrade to another iPhone till Apple comes out with an all screen display which may be many years from now 🙂

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