Why iPhone X made me LOVE 8 Plus?

Why iPhone X made me LOVE 8 Plus? After using both the Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus for a quite some time now. After purchasing the iPhone, there have been many features that I found missing on the X which made me enjoy using the 8 Plus even more. In this video I share with you what those features are. The intentions of this video is to share my experience and knowledge with you on using both of these phones with the intentions of helping you decide which is going to be your next phone….

27 thoughts on “Why iPhone X made me LOVE 8 Plus?”

  1. The reason you and many get dizzy and strained is the flicker of the Oled process they used. You are not alone. I am same. I have to sell the MAX and keep the 8plus. It's sad the display really looks a bit washed and bland on MAX.

  2. We're all know that ur daily phone is the X !
    Cuz U have a lot of apps in The x ! And at least 18 apps in the 8+
    So U Love The X ! Please Don't Lie !
    With My Respect 🌹

  3. You have to compare with iphone xs max for big screen not with iphone x if you want to compare with small size than yo have to compare with iphone x vs iphone 8 not with iphone x vs iphone 8 plus

  4. Yeah, I've been a faithful iPhone user since day one, but I've been rockin' my 6+ for five years now and no way am I staying on the Apple hamster wheel. 8+? Nope, going S9+. Bye-bye Apple, you've lost it.

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