Why I WASTED my time at Google's Android TV event

Just before the launch of the Google Pixel 4, the company held an event that was more about getting people excited about Android TV. But guess what — it just got me angry.

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25 thoughts on “Why I WASTED my time at Google's Android TV event”

  1. The vast majority of the TVs coming with Android use sub-par CPUs. Even fairly expensive ones make the user experience a pain. And upgrades to new versions of the OS are just non existent. It's a pity that customers are treated this badly. And Android TV also needs to mature, as I'm frankly unsatisfied by the lack of customization and the poor UX baked into it.

  2. Google has seriously IGNORED Android TV. At this time I'd say just copy the f'n Apple TV and keep going speaking of which – what's going on with Android Tablets RIP. [This coming from someone who's had Android devices from Version 2.0 forward]

  3. Google messes up their popular services because they don’t supply Google enough personal info. They are in business, after all, to sell advertising. To be competitive, they have to have reams of personal info from their users. So if a service is verynpopular, and costs google a lot of money to run, they have to pay for that through advertising. And how do they convince advertisers to use Google’s service rather than others? By providing more personal data.

    So the next time you can’t figure out why Google is starting a service, or discontinuing a popular one, or making hardware, or buying a company that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with what Google does, like Nest, just think about the data they’re getting, and you’ll know why.

  4. Wait I use Google Play Music to have my albums & songs from iTunes in the cloud so I can play it from any device & download it to that device. Is that part of the service going away as well? I hope not! I mean I never paid for GPM so Idc about the streaming service portion of it because there's already too many damn music streaming services as it is. But I just don't want it affect my ability to store my music there

  5. *Last year Google promised, GA would be more speedy, regarding instead first looking up in the cloud, it would do certain things within the device, they never stated if this would applied to Android TV as well.

    *I think, this is my opinion and I could be wrong, Google does not bet making a new Android TV device, because let's face it Google suck at it, let's remember

    the bad luck Google making some devices: Nexus Player (was price $80-$95), Nexus Q ($300), Pixel C ($499-$599) and Google is letting OEMs like OnePlus and Motorola experiment in markets like India just

    to grow in numbers, and letting them do the hard work. i like the option Motorola is giving, soundbar and a game pad although

    *Is Google finally addressing the issues regarding being able to watch your photos on the TV when the screen goes to screensaver mode (this is only accomplished using chromeCrap) this lack of love from Google is bothersome

    *Hearing you say "you enjoy Android TV experience ", gives hope really because the platform has been growing slowly, a constant major complain (2014-2016) was

    "there is not enough apps on the playstore", games etc and that has been changing in a slow pace hopefuly

    *I share your frustration Google making an event about ATV and showing off something like this, pretty lame I must say, like you said, nothing new,

    as far as i know, as long you have GA on ATV you can handle cameras, smart light bulbs, smart locks and even roomba devices (i hope to buy this year to buy wyze smart bulbs to handle with GA on ATV XD)

    *Google Chromecrap would be always cheaper in comparison to an ATV device (a TCL 32" TV with Android TV costs $195 here in El Salvador),

    I think making an cheaper ATV device to compete to the ChromeCrap (or Roku) would be really hard to achieve because you would need more RAM and storage to make ATV run smoothly,

    a sweet device to make ATV more appealing would something with 3GB of RAM and at least 16GB of storage, that hypotetical combo below $55 is pretty difficult, (some other would say "don´t forget to put an Ethernet port")

    *Chinese OEMs (JetStrem,MeCool,Beelink) offer good options in HW but some lacking certification from Netflix regarding DRM support, don´t have Amazon Prime Video in the playstore

    i hope didn't bother you reading all this

  6. This is what keeps them from reaching the trillion dollar mark. I was always confused about the YouTube music thing but I have iOS so assumed it was a play music replacement or add on guess not 😭🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. Google need to fire some people from their hardware team. They are selling average specced phone in high price range , not making devices that have actual demand in the market (TV Stick, Watches). They should learn from Amazon't hardware team.

  8. I bought a Chromecast it's a disappointing piece of hardware putting Android TV into the would be it's only saving grace I'm leaning towards getting rid of it and buying a Fire TV Cube cuz I already use an Alexa speaker

  9. I would have been the perfect customer for that "kitchen TV" as I'm always streaming YouTube or something on my phone while cooking. But there's nothing really special about the Phillips that screams "buy me". Sure, that built-in 16W Bluetooth speaker sounds nice to have but apart from that 🤷‍♂️. Why should I buy this over a Mi Box S/Chromecast and any random 24" display?

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