Why I switched to the iPhone X!

At long last, here’s my video on why I switched to an iPhone X from the Pixel 2 XL. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve uploaded a video. Back at it now!


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25 thoughts on “Why I switched to the iPhone X!”

  1. I can’t believe how good your videos are, and I was shocked to see the view count! You need more subs!!!!!!! I’ve subscribed from Canoopsy (not sure how to spell it) but your photography and video skills are stunning!
    I also switched to the iPhone X, but that’s from the S8. So done with Samsung, too many software issues, and the dual cameras, display, processor and aesthetics of the iPhone X was extremely attractive to me. Loved the iPhone X, and I cannot way to see the official public release of iOS 12! Keep up the great work!

  2. There is a very powerful reason why I would never leave Android for iOS, and it is the way Android connects with everything, without any restrictions, where everything walks very fluidly. However, it should be mentioned that personalization is very fundamental, in my case, in a telephone, the reason? Well, I do not want my phone's screen to look the same as everyone else's. Android is a very varied world, twelve each one has its own personality, where one can walk freely, without reproaches and ties, as it happens on an iPhone. I respect everyone's decision and I do not want to imply that Apple and its phones are bad, but I think they employ a great technology for so little that they offer. BTW, cool video!

  3. I love this video you did awsome currently i have the gold iPhone 8 plus and i dont like the plus size all that much because how wide it is im getting the iphone x next year as a birthday present. So yeah loved this vid u have a new subscriber by the way do u have link to the wallpaper that wss on your phone when you were talking about face id

  4. Really enjoying your videos Jackson! You had a lot of good points in this video on why you switched to an iPhone. (I was getting curious why you ditched your Pixel) Looking forward to what you come up with next!

  5. Wow I was thinking about buying the pixel 2xl , but 3 times u have to change due to hardware issue is making me worried :/ Damn no matter how much money u pay , it’s hard to find a stock android , good update (3-4) , without any hardware issue phone .

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