Why Galaxy S8?

Why Galaxy S8? In this video I share with you my experience using the Galaxy S8 after 1 week and 10 reasons why you might want to pick up the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus as your next smartphone. The intentions of this video is to help aid you in your research when looking to pickup this particular phone. Please be sure to share your comments, questions, feedback, and any suggestions you have below and thank you for watching be sure to be well and peace : )

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37 thoughts on “Why Galaxy S8?”

  1. Why Galaxy S8? Why should you buy Galaxy S8, what is so special about the samsung galaxy s8 and samsung galaxy s8 plus? In this video I share with you 10 reasons why the galaxy s8 might be the next device for you! Be sure to share your comments, questions, feedback, suggestions below and enjoy the video 🙂

  2. durability is going to be a big question, a co-worker has the S8+ and dropped the phone and the front screen cracked in 2 of the corners. He didn't have a case on it, so it would have been a different story maybe?

  3. Nick please help me ! I have small hands but I Like the s8 Plus more because of the bigger Display and the better battery Life … What should I buy s8 or the plus Modell ?

  4. it offers no thing the note 5 cannot do. specially with lack of s pen. the virtual buttons are awkard to me. however i will not deny the sexyness of edge screen.

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