WHOA!!! Essential Project GEM Phone | Google Pixel 5G

28 thoughts on “WHOA!!! Essential Project GEM Phone | Google Pixel 5G”

  1. Hell yeah… This looks great… There are plenty of too big phones, but some pent up demand for smaller ones too… But it had better get Google Services or this device is a non starter… (Full disclosure, my extended family has a few PH1's… Other than durability issues, they were updated fast and were solid devices…)

  2. Eerily similar to some touch screen remote controls I have seen on Amazon, but also similar to those elongated Sony Xperias with the 21:9 ratios that I simply love! Will definitely get one.

  3. In that form factor that's got to be the AI phone. I honestly just don't see the advantage of this slightly smaller form factor — unless the price is significantly less I guess. Maybe someone like my 80-year-old uncle could use it. He has an iPhone and doesn't know how to text. It seems like a very niche device.

  4. Google needs to Acquire Essential / Andy Rubin & Let Him Run Made by Google Hardware Division yes let Andy Rubin Create the Pixel Phones & Pixel Chromebooks Tablets & all this other crazy stuff that he's ables to design i could only imagine what Andy Rubin would be able to Bring to Market with Google's R&D & Budget to back him …This is the Man who created Andoid & brought the SideKick to Market in 2001 can only imagine what he could Bring to Market with todays technology ..Bring Andy Rubin / Essential Back Home to Google

  5. "Looks like a TV remote. Innovative!" "Essential is doing something different!" When Sony first debut its Xperia 1 and 10 with a tall and narrow 21:9 ratio, they said the same thing, but with negativity.

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