What's the BEST Screen Protector for the iPhone XR and iPhone XS/XS Max? (It's not ZAGG)

Every screen protector manufacturer wants you to believe that they have the BEST screen protector for your iPhone. Don’t believe the hype! Here’s 7 things that will help determine if the product is any good!

It’s taken 5 years to say this BUT the best screen protector from our perspective is the NanoArmour from FloLab. Great quality at a decent price! We’ve reached out to them and they’re willing to give you guys 10% off their screen protectors. Use the code “MRE10” at www.flolab.io.


42 thoughts on “What's the BEST Screen Protector for the iPhone XR and iPhone XS/XS Max? (It's not ZAGG)”

  1. Question: since we can’t use alcohol wipes as it strips off oleophobic coating what do you suggest we use if we need to clean or disinfect our device?

  2. Aaron I appreciate your reviews. Thanks for explaining in detail the differences. I have been installing screen protectors for a long time and did a lot of research (some of it through you) and thought I knew quite a bit. Thanks for proving me wrong and clarifying a lot of the terminology and being unbiased as usual. You are like finding that honest mechanic among the sea of money hungry car dealerships!

  3. This very video is the CLASSIC example as to WHY so many of us trust YOU more than ANY other source for all things Cell…It takes so much to step up to say you too have actually become aware of better information and still are man enough to come forward with it to HELP us here in the trenches. You show a lot of ethics here and even though good ole Monte tells me it was HE who got all this figured out first? Well I still choose to believe it was you my friend:-)

  4. I think I'll stick with the Belkin Invisiglass / TemperedCurve since in my country, they offer a 2 year warranty and will replace with a new one if it cracks for whatever reason..

  5. You are knowledgable and honest and that says a lot for a youtuber please do what you do and don't give up on those great values of yours. Regards from Qatar

  6. I purchased a Ranvoo screen protector for my XR from Amazon. So far, so good and the price was much more affordable yet its description seems it should be very good. I would like to see you test one of these. I have no affiliation to Amazon or Ranvoo.

  7. Isn't it impossible for glass or even the coating to have a hardness rating of more than 5H? Zack on JerryRigEverything taught us that, I think. "Glass scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7…" With that said, this was an amazingly helpful video and something I will definitely keep in mind in the future. The only thing is, a lot of crap screen protectors are intentionally overpriced on Amazon, so choosing which ones to buy may be tricky. Generally, I've found iCarez to always be of high quality and a fair price, so I've been sticking with that brand for the last few years.

  8. I may have missed it, but what’s the reasoning to use the two screen protectors that you recommended? I’ve been using a spigen on my xr since I purchased it and it seems to be a decent one.

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