What's on my iPhone X – July 2018

This is a video going over what’s on my iPhone X as of July 2018. The apps reviewed are linked below:

Pro Cam:
Instaflash Pro:
Puzzle Fighter:

Last week’s video:

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My Gear:
1. Canon 70D:…

26 thoughts on “What's on my iPhone X – July 2018”

  1. I want to start off by saying i love your videos and this one as well.. they are informative and you are extremely talented… what i think you can maybe do just a suggestion is a full “whats on my iPhone” video.. like in this video i noticed u only mentioned like a handful of apps but people do enjoy knowing why you use certain apps.. like you have 3 music apps pandora Apple Music and Spotify which one do u sue more why do u have three? And why do you use google assistant? Just things like that its to be more open and connected with us the audience like why do you have certain apps over other ones like audible or amazon? Anyways i love your videos brother keep up the great work and dont be afraid to open up and don’t limit ur self.

  2. Is it still worth it ? I want a new phone , my old iPhone 5s kind of laggy and slow and old, should I wait for the new phones, which is in a couple moths from now ? Or shall I buy iphoneX ?

  3. The quality of your videos is amazing. Visuals, the sound, your voice, yep it's really pleasant to watch! Keep it up you deserve a lot more views and subscribers :)!

  4. procam is great. I just hate how there are additional IAP's. Its 6 bucks and should include all of the 10 bucks worth of purchases that can be had. but it was WELL worth the 5 bucks!

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