what's on my iPhone X 2019

what’s on my iphone!!! wooo enjoy babies ilyilyily
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48 thoughts on “what's on my iPhone X 2019”

  1. Hey Diana. I just got a new iphone X, and im wondering if you have the same problem. The battery drains really fast – Especially when im using the camera app. Do you have this problem? Ly💕

  2. looked at your spotify! you have such a good music taste, very very similar to my own! Arctic Monkeys are my favourite at the minute, they're from my home town of Sheffield 😀 What's your favourite AM song?

  3. Diana I absolutely love you if you see this comment please listen to the songs "yr kind of cool" by thanks for coming and "pressure to party" by Julia Jacklin I really hope you like the songs xoxo

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