What's On My IPhone 7 Plus

What’s on my iPhone 7plus? Ahhh I made into the top 100 for CVX Live : Next big Youtuber Contest. I need your help, you can vote starting July 10-July 17 via Facebook. You can enter 1x a day and I really would love to have your continued love and support. Thanks Divas!!!

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26 thoughts on “What's On My IPhone 7 Plus”

  1. Lol try using a water proof case by Life proof or omg I can't think of the name.by the other company. They are really good. I'm swim coach and toddlers always finds my phone and want to toss it in the pool while mom grabs up the stuff lmbo. #RWOYT

  2. Hey thanks for the support I'm a new diva now as well loved the video!! I don't have the 7 yet but I have the 6plus and I love my phone now I'm thinking about the 7 lol

  3. This is so pretty. And the pop socket…I didn't even imagine that such a thing existed. It's amazing what you can do with a telephone. Alexander Graham Bell would be gob smacked! And you have waaaay more subscribers than that now! 😀

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