What you NEED to know about iPhone 8 "Water Resistance"

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are IP67, not IP68 water resistant / water proof / waterproof. This water test video tests how good it is!

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36 thoughts on “What you NEED to know about iPhone 8 "Water Resistance"”

  1. Just ruined my iphone 7 with a small amount of pool water. Was accidental exposure. It Got inside the phone and into stuff internally. Took 2 days to show any issues, but gradually the little water that had got inside the phone made "mist". I know this because that same "mist" is now coating the inside of the camera lense.

  2. Wait wait so you’re telling me that my iPhone 8 Plus could’ve been underwater for more than a meter which I had at for less than 1 and a half and it would still work but mine stopped working and they took away my Apple Care because I took out my SIM card and now I can’t get a phone. That’s just..wow

  3. that’s weird bcuz my iphone 8 was in water before an nothing happend but now it has water damage😂 people cant hear me on speaker and parts of my screen is brighter than the other

  4. I accidentally walked into the shallow end of my pool with my iPhone 8 in my pocket and I realized after about 5 minutes, once I took it out of my pocket and dried it off the phone was already off and was only submerged in about 2 feet of water (a meter is about 3 feet) I’m very pissed off at the moment because my phone is currently sitting in a bag of rice. SOMEONE HELP ME.

  5. Water resistance VS water proof… if its resistant, of course the droplets are going to roll off. Water resistance isn’t supposed to protect your phone when it’s submerged. Water proof protects it more, because it’s made to totally block out water. 🙂 please don’t hate me

  6. Hell nah bro even if I knew 100% my iPhone 8 was waterproof I wouldn’t trust it at all. Play it safe and don’t submerge your phone in water

  7. Ummm r u sure that's the 8, cuz the 8 doesn't have writing on the back other then the word iPhone. I have the 8 in my hand and it doesn't have those words. 0:45 is where I saw this. I watched a whole bunch of others vids and none of the other phones had writing on the back other than the word IPhone. Soooooo is this and 8 or is it fake? I really have no idea.

  8. Let's be real here ! Who in the name of god brings a phone into a shower with them? Or would want to watch videos under water come on ! The real deal is that it's good if it starts to rain bad or you drop your phone in water by mistake or water splashes onto your phone. Maybe good to have if your take video in your own swimming pool.
    Next they will be saying good for scuba divers.
    The I.P. 67 rating is good for peace of mind.

  9. Only here cause I dropped my iPhone 8 in some water and quickly pulled it out and I was scared and people have told me it was resistant but I didn’t believe it so I feel less worried now

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