What do you want from the Galaxy Note 10?

The Nintendo Switch Lite might have taken a lot of the airwaves this week, but anyone following Samsung’s upcoming Unpacked event got a really good look at the upcoming Galaxy Note 10. Joshua Vergara is joined by Jaime Rivera to discuss the latest Nintendo console, why it might not live up to the name ‘Switch,’ and why they hate themselves enough to still buy it despite owning the original Switch. After that, we react to some of your comments from last week’s show before getting into a…

33 thoughts on “What do you want from the Galaxy Note 10?”

  1. S-pen: I use an Apple pencil with an iPad Air 3 which is great. On my iPhone 7 plus I use a Wacom bamboo stylus which I love and fits in my shirt pocket and has a ball point at the other end . It doesn't take photos but I have a remote Bluetooth dongle for that. Don't know if an s-pen would convert me?

  2. Note 10: sure it'll be the best phone of the year again and drop dead gorgeous, but I'd like to see a 'periscope type' 10x zoom lens on the camera. But will people buy it? History indicates it's only had a small section of the market.

  3. Wow! I got a mention haha!

    Re: sms: I only use it for 2 factor authorisation and notification of courier deliveries (here in China internet shopping is huge and all blocks (everyone lives in a high rise) have secure bins for deliveries opened by a code sent by sms – none of this left on your doorstep or with a neighbour – so it'll be useless for drone deliveries.

    For chat I'm converting over to telegram following your recommendation, but I only know 4 people who use it!

  4. The only reason I choose Samsung is 3.5mm Jack port, if they take it away I will never choose Samsung, my next phone is Zenfone 6 has super large 48mp 1/2" camera, large battery 5000mah, has 3.5mm port even come with a FM radio app

  5. Just want all the usual note/galaxy stuff , headphone jack /sd card/ S pen , heart rate monitor / more camera features , nice display , dual speakers , some bezels would be nice , also a flat screen option …..and no features deleted .

  6. I would have been fine with the Note 10 being a slimmer Note 9 with a wide angle camera. This shift toward the "no headphone jack, no micro SD" nonsense… is just not what a Galaxy Note is for. I'd save money and get a top-of-the-line OnePlus 7 Pro for all of that.

  7. 7.2 inch screen, 5000 mah battery. 3.5 mm headphone jack. Wide angle camera. And all the current updates.

    But most of all bigger screen!! Like the Mate 20x.

  8. Flat display, headphone jack, upgraded cameras… All of the above obviously aren't happening. We're essentially receiving a slightly upgraded better designed s10 plus.. And that's fine I suppose. I'm still in the camp that Samsung should release the S variant and Note at the same time with the Note being the plus sized phone…

  9. A bigger battery, especially coming from the disappointing note 8 batter after a year and a half. It dips terribly after a year, worse than other smartphones πŸ‘ŽπŸ½ oh yeah and not a ridiculous $1000+ price tag.

  10. Jaime, there is a big discrepancy in the connection quality between u and Joshua.
    Note 10: I want them to leave it alone to function as a NOTE. Native Hancomb office viewer and Write on PDF. No Microsoft bloat.

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