Watch the iPhone 11 Pro Slow Down by 15% Due to Overheating

All processors need to be cooled. In a desktop PC there is active cooling with a fan, etc. However in a smartphone the cooling is mainly passive. There is a rumor that the iPhone will slow down (throttle) dramatically when it gets hot, that it can’t sustain its initial performance. But is it true? Let’s find out!

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22 thoughts on “Watch the iPhone 11 Pro Slow Down by 15% Due to Overheating”

  1. I was the one who insisted that the Unity Test in Speed Test G 2.0 was very small
    Gary Replied to the comment & said he will look into it
    It's great that Gary reads comments & takes cognisance of the points raised by us
    This channel is more now our own
    everyone belongs & contributes to it

  2. So… an iPhone with the new A13 Bionic when throttled still performers better than most android phones?

    So the big question is… can you do this to all other flagship android devices to see how they perform?

  3. Should have added a silicone or a leather case like most people do. Both of those cases are bad thermal conductors.
    After playing a match on pubg the phone struggles with Twitter and Instagram.

  4. Even in 3D games, I feel confident you’ll be GPU bound or hitting a frame cap enough of the time that you’ll never notice throttling outside of benchmarks. There are two ways you could make heat buildup worse: enclosing the phone in a wallet case, and charging it at the same time. Neither are in particular need of testing.

  5. But as you say , Gary – there's no science to put a lightweight boxer against a heavy weight – which premise should argue , to establish results on an equitable scale, for comparison with a similarly warmed Android device .
    Only if the Android does not heats up proportionally or maintains performance undeterred by temperature, could it be defined as a shortcoming.
    If the Android device drops down equally, then it'd be simply a pan- Mobile phenomenon.

  6. I recently took my iPhone back to the shop.. It has a very big issue the Antennas are not very good on any iPhone.. if you don't believe me do some research before buying one. They are very poor for reception.

  7. So a hot iPhone is still faster than most Androids. A hot Android becomes a potatoe. What do Apple haters make of it after the iPhone kiked every Android's ass out there??? Exactly…
    Hot Android = slow Android
    Cold Android = slow Android

  8. Great test, now let’s see how all the Android flagships compare. I expect only the ASUS ROG2 can hold up (no cheating using the fan). Please add the sustained test to speed test G 🙂

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