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Hey guys, just a quick update on Camera Settings as to where the FOURSQUARE mode has gone and what has changed since the new update.

Basically, they have removed that 4 square mode/icon and moved the slow-mo, time-lapse to Video mode.
UltraHD mode has been moved to Professional mode.
Also, new aspect ratio has been added.
Now you can take pics in 4 different aspect ratio viz., 4:3, 16:9, 19:9 and 1:1 which is helpful.

Hope you like this easy understandable video.

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39 thoughts on “Vivo V9 New Update Camera Settings | VickGEEK”

  1. I appeal to everyone, high configuration k Chinese phone lene se better low configuration k reputed Brand lena jaise SONY, APPLE, NOKIA HTC, SAMSUNG.Chinese se better Indian Brands h jaise MicroMax, Lava . I wasted money on V9 because befooled by marketing of BBK electronics, ab Vivo, OPPO, OnePlus me kabhi koi nhi longa.

  2. Idiot u have wasted my time, what's new which an Android phone user don't find himself while using. Well Vivo, OPPO are crap phone, my older Sony which 5 megapixel was much better in camera quality. Sound wasn't loud as Vivo but much clear and soothing.

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