Vivo V17 Pro | Shoot Beyond Limits

32 thoughts on “Vivo V17 Pro | Shoot Beyond Limits”

  1. Inuunahan lagi si iPhone eeπŸ˜‚
    galing din ehπŸ˜‚ Vivo 2030 – full of cameras.
    Vivo 3035 pwede na palitan lenses ng cameras as in tipong tinatanggal lang.

  2. Hi guys do you encounter this din ba nung nag software update ako sa vivo v11 yung colors ng screen is turning into a gray color.May bug dun sa software update ng vivo v11 sa color ng screen wag kayo maguupdate baka maencounter niyo din

  3. Its not pro if the SD card is literally useless and pain in the butt i wasted my money buying sd card if the maker of the phone literally blocked apps for using the sd card

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