Vivo NEX 3 Camera Review

Its Not Just About that Waterfall Display! – The Vivo NEX 3 is one of the first phones in the WORLD with the new Samsung 64MP GW1 sensor, but how does it actually perform in real life situations? Oh and it has a total of 4 cameras including a selfie pop-up with a front flash!

Starting at $700 in China, it comes stacked with a 64MP Samsung GW1 main sensor, 13MP Ultrawide lens, 13MP Telephoto cam, and 16MP Pop-Up Selfie cam with a flash but, does it actually perform well or are all these…

11 thoughts on “Vivo NEX 3 Camera Review”

  1. Hi Nick, this isn't related to the phone itself but i hope you do away with the animated background in your vids. It kinda distracts viewers with what we're looking. I remember watching a video of Lenovo Z6 but had to stop because the fake background kinda makes me dizzy. Black background will do. Btw, i love your reviews.:)

  2. Hey buddy! Which one is best in sense of battery drain, heating and quick ingame response ROG2 or NUBIA red magic 3s? I dm you on insta but you didn't reply. 😊

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