Using the iPhone 5 in 2018 – Review

26 thoughts on “Using the iPhone 5 in 2018 – Review”

  1. Ah I remember buying this brand new in 2013, it was my very first iPhone and I was head over heels for it. The only issue was more of my doing, I only had 16 GB worth of memory and that filled up within a years time. Bought a 5S and gave my dad the 5 as his first smartphone. He was using it up until December of 18’ when I gave him my 7 because I knew the Software updates would eventually cause the few apps he had on there to stop working.

  2. MY STORY: My friend is selling this for about 60$ to me and its totally original he bought it himself 3 years ago and barely used it. only the battery is changed and its a 32 gigs version, im only getting this phone for random use cause i have an infinix HOT S3. and i want something cheap and good for only outside of home use.. should i buy it? (He's a really close friend)

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