Using a Stylus on Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

27 thoughts on “Using a Stylus on Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus”

  1. Thanks for this video. I'm also a user of S Note (Note 4 & 5). I find it to be very useful, especially when I'm doing measured surveys. I like the S8+, but was hesitant in buying one. Having seen your video, I'm now confident & will be making the purchase

  2. hey nice video man but some contructive critisism ,maybe try talking a bit faster and be as to the point as possible ,i watched the whole thing on 1.75 speed haha keep it up though!

  3. I lost my s pen somewhere. I hardly ever used it and just notice it is not there. Where could it be? I dont know, but I had a feeling it would get lost because I found it out several times. I'm the only user of the phone and dont have children.

  4. I am also a Note user and have been waiting for a new note to come out. I use my note pen for everything. I also use the split screen and app size decrease (vonsidered split screen as well) so I can text and write notes at the same time. Do you know if the S8 has that as well?

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