Use FiLMiC Pro LOG or Native iPhone Camera App?

In this video we compare footage shot with FiLMiC Pro LogV2 and the native iPhone XS Max camera app (with its extended dynamic range). Which one has better dynamic range? Watch and find out. 🙂

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37 thoughts on “Use FiLMiC Pro LOG or Native iPhone Camera App?”

  1. Does YouTube compression remove noise a little bit? I have noticed it in many videos when the narrator refers to small noise / grain in the video when in fact there seems to be none or not to such extent as the narrator describes.

  2. May I ask you a question? Do you use ND filter or CPL filter for your recording? May you suggest the brand of it? Thank you very much for your channel. I pretend to buy a decent camera but when I saw your videos, i take out my old iPhone 7, purchased filmicpro with cinema kit. It changed my mind from there.

  3. Do you have any idea why would my videos shot on Filmic pro have stuttery sound. Cutting out here and there? Also does Filmic Pro shoot in VBR because i almost always have unsynced audio when editing.

  4. How did you get your iPhone and filmic pro to recognize the rode mic? Looks like the sc7 patch cable and included lighting adapter? I have not got this to work. I would appreciate your feedback on this

  5. Great video, but in android the native camera still better than filmic pro Log , and I can't see (V2) with Log, can you test filmic pro for android please,
    My phone is S9+

  6. Need help. I am new at this. I am taking video of my daughter. iPhone X 4K 24fps on a tripod with a light set up. In a controlled environment. I am getting a color shift every couple of minutes. Don’t know why and how to stop it. Please help!!!

  7. At 2:30 and 2:38 there are some blocky artifacts in the upper right hand corner. How can we avoid those? I have seen them in my videos as well. Is it a case of limiting the ISO or just trying to capture too much dynamic range?

  8. I (almost) exclusively use Filmic Pro Log V2;' I do switch to falt sometimes "because" and if I want real saturation of the colors I use "dynamic". I only ever use the iPhone app for anything (vid or stills (stills I use Pro Cam 6)) only if I forget to use Filmic Pro or Pro Cam (vids/stills). Oh, and I use your LUTS every chance I get! :0)

  9. Hi! Which smartphone adapter for a tripod do you use? I'm searching for one that can be attached on a tripod with the regular screw and can attach a microphone on the top, just like your does.

  10. Hi and thanks for the video! I am having an overheating issue with my iPhone 8 Plus when using Filmic Pro LogV2 and Filmic Extreme quality and before the last update it did not happen ever, any idea? Bests regards from Venezuela

  11. I’ve only started filming and only used a smartphone with Filmic Pro and Sandmarc wide angle lens. In a future video would you consider elaborating on your view of what you’d shoot with an iPhone and what is troublesome? Particularly when you say noisy and muddy. I have no good frame of reference for these although I understand the concepts. Thanks for your uploads I really value the content.

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