Unboxing Every Google Pixel 4

38 thoughts on “Unboxing Every Google Pixel 4”

  1. When apple did the notch you kept pointing out how ugly it is but not the features it packs. Now all you talk about a huge forehead is how much benefit you get from it with all the sensors apple had 2 years ago.Well except for the radar sensor which you can go watch MKBHDโ€™s video to check how bad it is.The pixel is just a bad deal no ultrawide no more photo storage not even being able to sell it to india because of the radar.Also starts with a high price and 64gb worth of memory.

  2. Lew Reviewing Iphone .. It does not have this and this and this .
    lew Revirwing Pixel … porcessing on 4x zoom is so smooth . UltraWide what ? forhead what ? No fingerprint was a big deal for Iphone but pixel what ?

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