Umidigi A5 Pro Review! Watch before buying!

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31 thoughts on “Umidigi A5 Pro Review! Watch before buying!”

  1. After feverishly waiting for my phone to arrive for months, its now only a day away. Of all the reviews I have seen so far this one is the stand out, your professional presentation and clean audio/video made this a pleasure to watch.

  2. Excellent excellent👍👏😆 work. Great review.. Thanks so much for putting link in the description.. Which one is better redmi 7a or or UMIDIGI 5a?

  3. But in my country(Bangladesh)there are custom taxes!! I can't buy it for 100$. It would cost me 150-60$ at least….if I want to buy it from aliexpress or bangood….I am very disappointed…

  4. Good review, use to check your channel but im a bit dissapointed that you dont review som nubia phones. They dont seems to get the attention they deserves.

    A good example is the Nubia M2 4gb i had since 18 months back, it was released 2017 and costed me back then around 145 dollars. It has good battery, great camera (their own neovision app) and snapdragon cpu , amoled display etc etc.

    It may sound like i work for them but thats not the case, would just be fun to see you review their phones ! Thx in advance

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