Top 7 iPhone 7 Features!

36 thoughts on “Top 7 iPhone 7 Features!”

  1. I don't care for the new "rise to activate" characteristic of the lock screen. I hope an iOS update will allow us to disable that. I often find my phone is in camera mode simply because I was holding it and walking with it at my side and must have somehow activated the screen and swiped left. Can be a battery drainer.

  2. Samsung has had the depth of field thing with a SINGLE lens camera for a long time. all of a sudden when apple does it It's amazing. Samsung rightly doesn't feel the need to announce such simple features.

  3. Sounds like the camera is still worse than the s7. S7 let's you change shutter speed, iso, wb, and let's you do manual focus which you can use to change depth of focus as mentioned in the video. It's not as water resistant as the s7 either. The stereo sounds like a dick move cuz now people will be blasting that shit in public. Overall, definitely not worth the money. I'll wait next year to see if they make actual improvements

  4. Summary below:
    7. New color (black)
    6. New screen (wider color range)
    5. Speakers (added speaker)
    4. Waterproof
    3. Home button (new, similar to MacBook trackpad)
    2. Processor (slightly better)
    1. Camera (new for 7) ( dual "wide and zoom" for Plus)

  5. This video is wrong in so many way. Its not waterproof its waterRESISTANT. The screen isnt NEW its BRIGHTER why the fuck are we locked at 720p?

  6. I had the opportunity yesterday morning to pre-order it, it was even the unlocked one and was going to arrive on the 16th. But I held back. I'll settle for something else until the 8.

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