Tiny Floating Dots | Google Pixel Buds

The design vision with the all-new Google Pixel Buds was to create a simple, tiny little dot that just floats in your ear. The charging case is inspired by a river stone. Soft and smooth, it is small and pocketable, even doubling up as an ultimate fidget toy.

Google Pixel Buds come in 4 colors: Clearly White, Quite Mint, Almost Black and Oh So Orange. They will be available in 2020.

29 thoughts on “Tiny Floating Dots | Google Pixel Buds”

  1. 5 hours ontime is not enough. Pamu can already deliver 10 hours with their slide. Thats a shame. With 10 hours battery life I d instandly buy this.

  2. One of the most beautiful companies respected source of confidence in the technology I love very download its products always love sent down all new from the market Play real team integrated services I wish him good always Google PC

  3. make the pixelbuds at 7hour battery instead of 5hour and include a hard case and pixelbuds 2 in a new box design for pixel 5, and 4000battery is minimum for all size variants. then you are allowed to price the mobiles at 1000 1200+

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