This is WHY The SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 PLUS is Special! | Long Term Experience

These are my top five reasons why you should want to buy the galaxy s10 plus. This is why the galaxy s10 Plus is special!.

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25 thoughts on “This is WHY The SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 PLUS is Special! | Long Term Experience”

  1. Nice video! I have had the prism white S10+ since release date and I'm extremely happy with it. The cameras, display, speaker sound, battery, everything. Some things it is the best in, some things 2nd best but overall as a package, you can't go wrong with this phone. There are no compromises.

    With Huawei P30 pro, the camera is incredible but then the video and microphone is terrible, and Huawei's software won't be supported by Android in the future most likely

    With Pixel 3XL, you don't get the full IP68, no SD card, no powershare, huge notch

    With OP 7 Pro, you have a great 90Hz display but there is a moving popup camera, no SD card, etc etc

    Every phone has 1 or 2 good features but lots of compromises but the S10+ has everything in one package! Best phone 2019.

  2. It's "special" because it's still on the May 1st security patch and still doesn't have Night Mode 4 months later, Lmao. 😂
    Unlocked US Ceramic White S10+, $1250.00+tax, F'CKEM'.

  3. i've had the iphone 6splus and switched to this beautiful phone instead of upgrading to the xs max and i am glad i did. i am definitely loving its battery life! it could last me a day and get to charge it for like 1 hour and 30 minutes only. i am totallt impressed

  4. Well. I'm done with Samsung for awhile. My gs7+ a little after a year. Kept saying moisture detected in USB port. Not once got wet. Now my girls gs8+. It has never been wet. Is also doing the same thing. A little after a year of having it. Bye bye samsung. Till it's fixed, Or till I hear it not happening any more.

  5. 1/ Camera – The camera is fine. Above average. Little to complain about. However, awaiting higher zoom sensors.
    2/ fingerprint – Little to complain about, but nothing much better than the competition.
    3/ power share – Huawei First introduced this feature. So nothing new. Other OEMs Will follow in due course.
    4/ infinity display – Very subjective and for me a deal breaker. No thanks.
    5/ form factor – again subjective. Nothing to complain about but most of our phones ditto.

    This phone is OK, nothing revolutionary, And at the end of the year, it would be inferior to the competition. The price at launch of $1000 was way too high, it’s clear that It is worth significantly less than that. I think in the United Kingdom it is about £300 less than launch a few months ago. This price seems closer to its worth and at that price a solid choice. At $1000 it was strictly for Samsung fans.

  6. I'm loving my S10+, I have no complaints, one can find pros and cons on every phone on the market no phone is perfect however this phone is perfect for me, nice video brother.

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