This is Pixel 4 2019 | Google Pixel 4 & 4 XL Leaks | Everything We Know

Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL Leaks
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New reports have revealed essentially all there is to know about the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

We recently saw an…

8 thoughts on “This is Pixel 4 2019 | Google Pixel 4 & 4 XL Leaks | Everything We Know”

  1. So basically google is giving us a worse looking pixel 2 with the iPhone 11s horrendous looking camera setup. Man if I was sundar I would fire everyone on the pixel design team…

    Im not to indifferent about it though, I really do not like google. As soon as they at least care about privacy, I’ll use their products. That’s why I don’t have a pixel, don’t use Gmail, why I’m stopping my use of google soon, to be honest the only service I use from google is YouTube which I’ve replaced with mytube on my desktop which still uses the api. I just don’t want all of my data being farmed up, and after the recent data breach where people’s conversations were listened to by google staff, I vowed to just stop using google services.

  2. i mean, when u think about it, if u can't make a phones without bazzles, then just embrace it x) , honestly, it could look way more worse and it actualy looks just fine 😮 still the chin tho, something i do have trouble with but yeah, over all it's pretty good, and about the 6 GB of RAM, it doesn't mean anything, because every core has his own capacity called "cache" wich has multiple levels "L1", "L2", "L3". Each levels has diffrent strenghs and weaknesses, the L1 wich is the closest to the core is tiny but fast, and then , the "word" connects it to the L2 wich is bigger but slower and then the "line" connects the L2 to the L3 wich is even bigger but even slower… that way, when the procesor works, he doesn't have to stock or get any information out of the RAM (would take more time) as we know it because he has enough capacity to work with, indeed, when u start doing multi-tasking or more things at the same time and when the phone gets overload, indeed RAM will be used as a cache because the Procesor cache isn't enough to work with. Just look at the Iphone XS Max doing so well with 4GB RAM because their procesor wich was made by intel (not anymore for the next phones i think, not sure) has a superior cache bonus wich is called "A10 new caches" and has been spoted on the procesor a while ago … I didn't check the new spandragon 855 because it didn't came out and people didn't take a look at it, maybe they did add more cache, who knows, if google goes for 6GB of RAM, maybe they know what they're doing even tho i'm not a big fan of the model 😮

  3. Oh forgot… DDR 5 ram is coming as well we'll add the x20 5g integrated chip. Timing is also very bad. Might as well wait just a couple extra months for a Samsung s11.

  4. troy olson
    Your a little late on your news, lol.

    Who wants to control their phone by making gestures. That is the worst ideas I have heard of. It's easier, faster, and more reliable to just pick it up and tap. So much wasted time and money for a feature very very very few will ever use. Even those that use it will find it cumbersome and easier to just use their phone.

    Perfect phone would have half millimeter to 1 mm bezels all the way around. The leaks are very ugly. If you can't put a selfie camera under the screen then simply don't include it. Could just use a mirror on the back of the phone.

    Less than 8 GB of RAM for a flagship is unacceptable.

    Why aren't they back cameras centered?

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