The true cost of Samsung.

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In this Our Changing Climate environmental video essay, I look at the true cost of Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy Fold. Specifically, I look at the environmental impact of Samsung’s phone from manufacturing to waste and see whether they are an eco-friendly smartphone maker. Samsung has had problems with phones breaking in the past like…

48 thoughts on “The true cost of Samsung.”

  1. This channel usually has videos that are well researched and informative. This video is very one-sided, with a blind bias for Apple. Several misleading comments include:
    1) "Apple uses renewable energy" Apple purchases renewable "credits" to offset their use of regular grid electricity. Even this is ONLY for their HQ in the U.S., and none of the rest of manufacturing uses renewable energy. While they have far-off targets for their suppliers to become renewable, it's hardly the "100% renewable" they might claim.
    2) Samsung never actually released the folding phone to market. The author didn't read the articles he tried to cite. Them breaking might have rendered a few dozen units unusable, but overall leads to an insignificant environmental impact.
    3) The Note 7 units that had to be recalled could still be processed. In fact, a lot of them had their batteries removed and the units were re-purposed to be used in their manufacturing lines. Even more were repaired and sold under the "Note FE" name.
    4) While some Samsung phones have had durability issues, they are generally more durable than competitors (iPhone 6 Plus?)

  2. Same problem talks about Apple: Video with lots of likes, comment section is not toxic, small dislike rates.
    Same problem talks about Samsung: High dislike rate, a bit toxic comment section

    Ah, yes, Android fanboys are significantly more toxic.

  3. Samsung and other Android companies are also releasing way too many phones in less than a year and they’re mostly slightly different from one another. At least Apple only releases their phones once a year…

  4. Why are my samsung phones so durable? My mom had the S8 and it never broke she actually exchanged her phone to get a S10. I have,my Mom's old phone (S7) that she owned for a year that went into storage after that. so from that dropped like 20 times, and from me i have dropped it like 100 no cracks or anything.

  5. Possibly do another video offering suggestions on how to purchase our next smartphone more ethically and environmentally minded. I know you made a small suggestion, but maybe focusing a video just on that?

  6. Samsung's reparability is far superior to Apple, which really is making a throw away product, with almost zero reparability and actively stopping 3rd party repairers from doing what they won't do. I think Apple should be looked at next πŸ˜‰

  7. Another apple fanboy in disguise woopty doo!
    You can show all the I fux-it scores you want, but it isn't gonna cover up apple + foxcon manufacturing secrets.
    It was a bad idea for you to ask siri these questions…

  8. Ifixit always rated repairbility of Samsung phones way higher than the Apple's, who deliberately make phones almost impossible to repair, sabotaging customers to get the upgrade.

  9. ok um no literally durability is one of the key features of Samsung apple is shit you cant repair their phones without tearing them apart also where's the headphone Jack and home button Samsung has been such a better phone company

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