The Toughest Case UNDER $20?! – Spigen Tough Armor XP for iPhone XS/XR – Review

It’s hard to find anyone that hates the Spigen Tough Armor series for the iPhone XS. It’s slim, affordable, and fairly protective for everyday usage. They’re now back with an updated version that looks identical to the original, except completely different on the inside. They’ve added layers of foam that are designed to absorb and minimize impact while also keeping the air cushion corners too. All that, for under $20 still? That’s a steal.



35 thoughts on “The Toughest Case UNDER $20?! – Spigen Tough Armor XP for iPhone XS/XR – Review”

  1. I went with the Ghostek Iron Armor… it’s a two level case. I’ve never seen anyone doing a review on it. I am also probably the pickiest person when looking for a case. Ghostek has been my go to since iPhone 7 and +
    Only negative I’m not sure how to tak case off of phone without damaging the case lol.

  2. 1:30 That moment when your iPhone smashes against something and your concern is what it hit rather than the phone. If that case failed, well, bone is harder to replace than glass or an LCD.

  3. Can you re-visit Otterbox and do a similar test with their Symmetry? Not many people have done the true-blue gung-ho style on the Otterbox Symmetry. Everyone is just repeating Mous Limitless 2.0 and Rhinoshield Solidsuit. Maybe do a video on a bunch of minimalist design cases with 10ft drop protection. Peace.

  4. so do this or rhinoshield solidsuit is more better for protection? since rhinoshield is twice the price of this spigen.. and i am kinda worried about the apple logo cutout and those kickstand (loose kickstand in the future)…

  5. Do you think you might test out a LastU case. They are really cool looking wooden finnish cases, but I can't seem to find any durability tests on them.

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