The Problem With iPhone XI & iPhone XIR

In just a few weeks (September) we’ll have our first official look at the 2019 iPhones…but right now, we already have a crystal clear view. The triple camera setup will be cool. Reverse wireless charging could be neat. But everything else on this year’s devices screams mediocrity and that isn’t a good place for iPhone XI and iPhone XIR to be. Are you planning on upgrading to the newest models once they’re released?

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30 thoughts on “The Problem With iPhone XI & iPhone XIR”

  1. I really like the notch, I always know which side is up and it looks good. I'm upgrading to the iPhone 11 from my iPhone 8 and happy. I really like the new 3 camera lens look. Hope the price doesn't go through the roof.

  2. I literally have the 7 plus and pre order and everything and I don’t know what to do because I want the iPhone XS Max but the new iPhone coming out in like two month but it’s literally going to be the same and now I’m like so don’t know what too do 🙄 apple why lol I guess I will be waiting until 2020 😂

  3. Apple has full control of their ui and os so when they put a notch they can make use of the ears the most and implement the notch better in the ui whether android notches are just terrible

  4. Until yesterday I was interested in possibly purchasing iPhone 11, but I caught a flash sell at Best Buy in which I purchased a brand new iPhone Xr for 600$. I think this will hold me over until 2020. This is the first iPhone I’ve ever owned though I have two iPads and a 13 MacBook

  5. They sell jewelry effect. Nothing else need be said. Apple is becoming the blackberry. People will get tired of it or realize they are buying the name. Oh well. Fads.

  6. I still have my IPhone X since when it's new and seeing the new iPhones I'm not impressed at all. If Apple removes the notch completely and improve the design even further then I might decide to upgrade to a future IPhone

  7. Apple is playing catch now with certain tech and features, like someone said the notch is here to stay cause of the face id, but the thing is do people want it or fingerprint, apple does what it wants, 💶and not what customers want

  8. I’m not very excited about an iPhone that’s got the same front, the same features and the same inflated price tag as the last two. Apple needs to change it up big time!

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