The PIXEL 4 is the HOTTEST phone of the YEAR!

EP. 889 – The GOOGLE PIXEL 4 is the HOTTEST phone of the YEAR!
HANDS ON video of the Google Pixel 4, both the black and the white model have leaked and it’s soooo gerd.

Hosted by: Jon Prosser
Edited by: Brian Shoop
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48 thoughts on “The PIXEL 4 is the HOTTEST phone of the YEAR!”

  1. Bro, design-wise the Note 10 is the most handsome phone with it's near zero bezels and squared corners. The prettiest phone has to go to the S10 and S10+ with it's horizontal rear camera and rounded corners. Pixel 4 looks boring and iPhone 11 just looks dumb fam.

  2. I dunno about everyone in here but the one plus 7 pro is Def the hottest phone of the year. Not gonna lie this pixel 4 xl looks not bad but they're still a little behind. Wish other phones had the pixels camera. I'm sorry but I'm sticking to 1+ 7 pro. ( I went from iPhone all.the way to iPhone 7 and that's when I switched to pixel 1 all the way up to pixel 3 xl. Now I joined the one plus community. I can't be a y happier 🙂

  3. Good to see Google taking good care all these channels when recession is just around the corner. Anybody who buys Pixel 4 is stuuuuuupid coz it will sell @50% off its price after 2 months!!!

  4. If the Pixel 4 would be priced at $1000, then it might be a lot better to just buy an iPhone and tape over the sides of the notch. Costs less and looks the same. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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