The Nokia N9 v iPhone X (Nice gesture)

49 thoughts on “The Nokia N9 v iPhone X (Nice gesture)”

  1. Im still a sentimental nokia user.. even now is just a brand that left.. but still loving it so much.. after 2years using android nokia 9.. never disappoint me even a second.. hope nokia will be glorious again n making perfect os like meego..

  2. The Nokia N9 was a huge release for Nokia. It could had saved Nokia. It was just amazing. I love its design and functionality. The first phone without any buttons. Take that, Apple!

  3. If nokia offered a new phone with both meego and android (or at least the ability to run android apps) I wouldn't hesitate to get another nokia – heck, I'd even start developing s/w for the platform on meego.

  4. The N9, by far the best design seen in the smartphone world, from the in- to the outside. From this point of view compared to my much newer Iphone SE it seems more futuristic with it's perfect haptic, it's amoled screen (which is technicaly smaller but seeming bigger because of it's wider screen which is a lot better for typing), the beautiful ui and really good made swype keyboard . A new made Nokia N9 with todays hardware and a little bit bigger screen would be brought in a heartbeat!

  5. Meego/BB10/Palm Os were far better than ios and android competing in the gesture os game. Ios and android literally needs a bar at the bottom to teach people how to use it. Instead of natural ui language that is intuitive

  6. The only thing I dislike from N9 is the placement of the usb port. The little door cover so fragile that eventually I broke mine after has been carefully for 4 years. However the rest is amazing as most people here say. It was a way ahead of its time.

  7. The experience that Nokia N9 brought can't be compared or equaled by anyone Meego and Swype UI is a master piece by the way I'm writing this with my Nokia N9 I have a Z30 also and I tested the iPhone X and the N9 is superior by far in UI

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