The iPhone 12 might look like this

New renders show what the iPhone 12 might look like when it’s released in 2020. Plus, Apple’s AR glasses are coming, so let’s take a look at how they may work with the iPhone.

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49 thoughts on “The iPhone 12 might look like this”

  1. That's not possible
    They cant place the flash in the center the light will cross the photo-taking process or else they would have placed the flash in the triple setup itself of iPhone 11 Pro !!!

    iPhone SE 2 will have that border design but 12 will be curvy only and now since they have moved to OLED it's very possible they would try for curvy /infinity/waterfall kind of display !!!

  2. I like the retro square frame of the 12 (as I do on the iPad), but not so sure about making screen smaller than 11 Pro – that for me is the perfect compromise between viewability and portability. For 5G, does not excite until there is a lot more infrastructure to use.

  3. Hey….Could you do ur next show wearing an Indian saree? It would be nice if u wear clothes reflecting different cultures during ur shows. Because u have fans all over the world. It will also help attract more viewers and offer something refreshing on screen.

  4. Apple TV+ is a feminist, sjw nightmare. Look at episodes 3 and 4 of “for all mankind”. No really, actually watch them. Disney’s service will probably be worse. Got my hopes up and wound up being “woke” trash.

  5. note this

    improved 3 cameras
    same back glass
    no notch display, new oled
    extraordinary new colours
    full wireless charging
    different side rims (not like 3 and 5iphones) it will be curved
    and ceramic finish is possible
    and some new inbuilt features

    that's t …dont fool urself

  6. Ahhhhhh, Come On! After 11 years you still don’t know the Apple’s style??!! I mean, they always release a new iPhone with a slight or complete redesign and then the next year, an exact similar looking, but internally upgraded iPhone “S” model. So this year we are probably going to see a similar looking iPhone and no quad camera system. Because the 4th camera can only be a TOF sensor which the iPhone’s neural engine and camera system can replace.

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