The iPhone 11.

My Official 2019 iPhone 11 / 11 Pro Max Unboxing and first look hands review will come on launch / release date! This video looks at the latest leaks of the design, specs / specifications, including camera, battery, A13 Bionic, and a hands-on with 3 different color option clones! Let me know your early thoughts, will you buy one of the new iPhones this year?

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25 thoughts on “The iPhone 11.”

  1. Ugly uglier and ugliest. I beat every phone company and now use my iPad mini 5 as my phone by porting my number to Magic Jack. These phones are just as big as a tablet so why not just turn your iPad mini into a smartphone laptop in one. Yes, I threw away my smartphone and never plan having another stupid ridiculous priced phone with no real enhanced features. Now I have a smart device does everything, power of a laptop and can make /receive calls. Plus, I only pay for unlimited data so I pay less than phone users.

  2. Could you please review the Blu G9 Pro? Little to no professional reviewers are giving it any of the shine it deserves as the flagship killer it is, probably to satisfy their sponsors egos.

  3. Wow what a ugly camera layout on back. Yikes. I prefer the sleek modern looks of the Note 10.By the way inside the i phone 11, you will see that most parts are made by Samsung for i phones, screen and all… fact!

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