The iPhone 11 Pro!

The all new iPhones have arrived. Apple unveiled the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro last night, and well, we don’t have them here. But we still wanted to share our thoughts on the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro, so this video is all about that. Think of this as our iPhone 11 First Thoughts.

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45 thoughts on “The iPhone 11 Pro!”

  1. Hey Beebom please review of products bought from 2 Gud website. They provide refurbished products upto 5 categories . Please review of mobiles. And give the review after extensive uses. Please review Refurbished like new (unboxed only) products with a new product of the same. So we can see comparison and differences (if any).
    Please Please Please🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Dude! No hard feelings.
    Please work it out. Something is missing and you're loosing the beebom charm. Passion is lacking. Windows video and this one too.
    You guys are my favorite from Indian youtubers.🤘

  3. Apple is simply taking benefit off the monopoly mode they are on. Only Steve Jobs was the best and he created proper world attention seeking phones. He knew what people want and what to manufacture. New apple directors feel like they have been sitting around in thier office, come on Apple.. when do we start seeing something for our money?!

  4. S10: Launched with 15W adapter.
    Beebom: Fine, yeah
    iPhone 11 Pro: Launched with 18W adapter.
    Beebom: Typical Android User + Meme

    (Some would be like the 5G version of S10 has 25W) For them: They are limited in number.

  5. He said 11 pro more than 11 times in a video less than 11 mins which has more than 11 likes but sadly more than 11 dislikes too.
    I hope I get 11 replies to this comment to so that after 11 days I can delete this

  6. Lol 😂😂😂 Apple baap samjh raha hai, ruk tera baap pixel aaraha hai 😂😂 woh phir gand marega iski 😂😂. Mujhe sirf bionic chip hii pasand aayi baki bhad mai jao 🐥

  7. Apple might have came up with this weird camera arrangement to separate themselves from the other manufacturers who copied their camera arrangement in iphone x, which looked nice actually.
    I do expect to see this design copied, but I wish not.

  8. Spending almost 1lac on this phone Due to nly its camera's feture nd it still remain 12mp 😀… its worth to spend on any Sony mirrorless camera nd lens.. u might get better one than iphone…😉….. They not giving call recording, app lock nd higher battery nd they r still stick on 12mp… why should waste money on this!??

  9. At this point I think its absurd for Apple to launch an iPhone every year. They should now launch iPhone every 2-3 years, there's no point in updating if we are getting close to no innovation.

  10. Your channel is much better than that of TechnicalGuruji Channel…. if he was invited for the event.. then you should have been definitely invited. Well keep on making good videos.. because that is what matters !!!

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