The Honeycomb iPhone – Slickwraps Review

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This is a review of the slickwraps honeycomb skin for the iphone 7 plus. The slickwraps honeycomb skin is one of the newest wraps available from…

21 thoughts on “The Honeycomb iPhone – Slickwraps Review”

  1. Slickwraps is a garbage company. No one buy from them. my order took 2 months and same for 4 of my friends. Also if you look at online reviews there are hundreds of people dealing with they same shit. lots of fake 5 star reviews. Just stay away

  2. I got air bubbles because of heat. When I initially installed the HC skin, there wasn't any bubbles. After I went over the skin a few times with the cloth to rub it like I've done with dbrand skins, it began to have bubbles. I tried to use a dryer and it only got worse. So, luckily they sent me 2 skins and when I applied the second skin I only rubbed it down a little to flatten the skin. The bubbles began again so I used a pin needle to prick the bubbles and now there are no more bubbles. But the day after it got a few bubbles and I did the same with the pin. So far nothing after a full day.

  3. So I bought this skin for my galaxy note 8 and after I installed it, there was like 30 air bubbles all over the place, and I was only able to rub out a few. So now my wrap looks terrible. I used a hair dryer and to try and mend them out but nothing! This material catches and ripples very easily, so when I tried to push out air bubbles with a credit card it just makes a bunch of creases. What should I do?

  4. Quick question – I have ordered a honeycomb skin and have previously used clear cases over my skins, is this skin thicker than usual and do you think a case will fit over it?

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