The Galaxy Note 10 is… different. (Hands-on)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series introduces some major changes to the Galaxy Note line.

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30 thoughts on “The Galaxy Note 10 is… different. (Hands-on)”

  1. Pausing this video to make this comment but the power button being on the left now makes so much more sense after watching your hands when you said that. I'm right handed so when if I was to use the note, the pen would be in my right hand and the phone would be in my left….with my thumb on the power button….I'm shook.

  2. Very good unboxing quick review of Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus. The phone looks premium high quality and looks awesome. The phone looks premium with very good features, specifications, and S pen.

  3. Ok, so all the crying about the headphone Jack. I understand some people being concerned about the blue tooth and Brain Cancer, hence John McCain and his blue tooth earbuds. What you're not seeing is it comes with a "Dongle" and it's own earbud designed specifically for the Note 10 and Note 10+ We used Dongles back in the day and they were better than the headphone Jack, due to less interference from the circuitry in the device and It allowed for more components in a device, in this case, you get a bigger battery, which will last longer. tit for tat, lose something, gain something. They figure since we have the more advanced technology for the one, hence blue tooth earbuds, and we in needing longer battery life, which makes peoples lives less complicated, longer times between recharging. We are creatures of habit and sometimes miss the meaning of change, which puts us off, that is natural in the human species. NO one likes being out of their comfort zone. Had we not moved out of our comfort zone we would surely still have been riding horses across the country taking months instead of days to get there by vehicle and only a few hours to get there by jet, an unnatural thing for a man to fly, but today we think nothing of it. So for those of you who still want to ride the analog across the country as opposed to the blue tooth earbuds, jump right onto the "Dongle" it comes FREE with the Phone, which means, you don't even have to pay for it. But let me tell you something, you get yourself a set of those Samsung Galaxy Buds for blue tooth and you will never go back to the analog again, even if there is a chance it might cancer, like bacon, diet sodas, margarine, and so many other things that really do cause cancer and are toxic for our bodies that we just can't seem to live without because we are Creatures of Habit!!! No, I'm going to wait for the Note 12, being the recipient of the NOTE 7 and it's debacle. I'll let you guys work out the bugs for me and in the meantime, I'll wait till the rest of the American Service Providers get on board with the new technology of 5G and Samsung makes available in it's phone the High, Mid and Low range signals!! How is that for a plan?? Have a great day and enjoy life to the fullest and above all do be kind to all those you meet along life's path.

  4. The Note 10 is basically the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G with a stylus. It has the same processor, same camera, and a smaller battery. I will wait for the Samsung S11 Flagship with the 64 or 108 mp camera.

  5. Honestly, I wouldn't pay $950 for the base model. It's nice, don't get me wrong, but the added features don't make up for the lack of the headphone jack, SD card expansion, and the 1080p display.

  6. Every other phone gets a pass with 64 GB or 128 GB of Internal Storage due to there being "Cloud Storage", How 2019 flagships have expandable memory…. How on EARTH would they put a 4300 MaH battery in a phone smaller than the Note 8 which has smaller battery.

  7. I moved from apple bought a note 8 when it was launched now the same is happening to samung,
    Was so exited, now total disappointment. have to wait another year for a note 11.

  8. Low res screen? 1080p is still more than enough to enjoy quality content on the phone. How much clearer picture do we actually need? But at the same time for the price point it is not worth the money.

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