The Comparison – Different Quality iPhone 7 LCDs

According to the information from China electronic aftermarket industry, some merchants have sold LCD screen which made in China. All the time HCQS putting the product quality in the first place, so today we will do a comparison test between China-made screen and OEM screen.

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20 thoughts on “The Comparison – Different Quality iPhone 7 LCDs”

  1. Where should I get original screen for iPhone 7 Plus ? I went to the mall and ask if they have original screen and they said no they have aftermarket screen! WHERE SHOULD I GET ORIGINAL SCREEN FOR IPHONE ???

  2. I got my iPhone 6 Plus repaired at the certified laptop repair over here on Pearl Road in Cleveland Ohio, the screen that they put in seems like pretty good quality in my opinion!

  3. I love it how the uploader is blatantly discriminating against the so-called "China-made" implying that the "OEM" is better when both are made in China.

  4. I just got a new screen on iPhone 7 after it broke & I hate it. It definitely doesnt look like the original. I went back to mall & ask why it looks washed out he told me it was an aftermarket screen I wish I would’ve known before.

  5. The Comparison of iPhone LCD China made Screen and OEM brand Screen <1>Top one difference is based on professional program , which decided product compatiability and functionaliability ;<2>Top two defference is structual perfection ;<3>Top three defference is display color retina perfection

  6. Everyday I am replacing 2-3 iphone screens with cheapest ones they are like the one comes with the iphone .They work even better than the one apple says this is original ,They are trying to cheat people again to scare them from the chap screens and pull them to apple store to charge them like a new phone .Sorry Apple

  7. I think you do not know there is not any original apple product.Apple is just toy designer company. They just design their toys iphones . Apple does not have really own factory anywhere just they design and when they could not design new stuffs they buy that technology from others like iphone 8 screen they bought from LG ( organic led) So how you can say really this is original apple .All of apple toys comes from China .so ….

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