The Best Screen Protector for iPhone X & XS- WhiteStone DomeGlass

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39 thoughts on “The Best Screen Protector for iPhone X & XS- WhiteStone DomeGlass”

  1. Hey nice video, I have a question I have an S9 Galaxy and I want to get the Whitestone Dome glass and I have a mouse 2.0 Limitless case will it fit with my case call me if you do know the answer please help me out because I want to get one of these white stone downs but I have a mouse case thank you sincerely Mr Marcos

  2. What about when you use it? Is it different? Like, I have a tempered glass protector but I can feel that I have to « touche » the screen a little bit harder than usual, very slightly to open an app. Do you get that or is it just as sensitive as no screen protector?

  3. Stupid. You can get glass screen protectors for the iPhone X for $3. I just ordered a 2 pack of glass screen protectors that actually have the same curved edges as the phone so it fits perfectly on the ends for $10.

  4. These are awesome for the first couple weeks then they start to show spiderweb type bubbles. Been through 5 of these now. Install goes flawless then turns to shit a couple weeks later. Not worth the money!

  5. If this is permanent, there is literally 0 point in doing this. The glass on the iphone is stronger anyway, and if the install cracks or gets scratched its the same as the original screen being damaged since you'll have to replace the entire screen anyway

  6. Not sure what they paid you, but most of what they give you appears to be a gimmick. Only practical tool is the alignment casing but even that needs work. Next…

  7. Have used it. Not sure if this is a paid video. Nothing to be excited about this one.
    Facts: It is over the top installation process which can go wrong besides wasting your time and not any better than rest of the offers on the market including AliExpress which probably kicks it’s butt for less than half price. Doesn’t even prevent finger prints for the price point. Avoid!

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