The Best Samsung Phone You're Not Buying

The Galaxy S10 & Note 10 are the best phones from Samsung features wise but Galaxy S9 Plus in 2019 is an amazing deal which you shouldn’t miss.

S9+ on amazon

S9+ on ebay


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50 thoughts on “The Best Samsung Phone You're Not Buying”

  1. I just got the samsung galaxy s9+ brand new (i upgraded from a low end midrange galacy j8) and i gotta say this thing is an absolute BEAST. Dont go for another midrange this is the phone to go for . Great value for money

  2. If you want to do a oneui speed test, please try exynos galaxy S7 family as well, with all the Note FE port roms coming in and getting pretty stable
    And just as a record, my S7 with oneui port Rom also boots faster than the S10

  3. I was going to buy a S9+ but found out both s9+ and Note9 were available for the same price range after the prize drop. So I went with Note9 which has more specs

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