The best looking iPhone 11 mock-up we’ve seen so far

An Unbox Therapy video shows exactly what the next iPhone could look like and reveals new details about the cameras. Also, we’ve got more rumors about the 2020 iPhone and the Apple project that could be on the chopping block this week.

This week’s question: What new emoji do you want to see on your keyboard 🤔?

Unbox Therapy video:

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42 thoughts on “The best looking iPhone 11 mock-up we’ve seen so far”

  1. Left Apple/iPhone for the Pixel 2xl, not going back to apple again. Now I am thinking of upgrading to the Pixel 4. If you use a Pixel with Google Assistant and Google Photos seamlessly integrated with the OS, then you will understand why I never want to use Apple again.

  2. apple fanboys will justify why the phone is still the greatest lol. Phone tech is stagnant, no new tech , just small improvements and still charge lots of money. People just buying it because of the name lol

  3. Im a Android user I will be buying Iphone 11 max definitely because what I want in an iPhone is : 1) It's super fast processor/OS
    2) Amazing Camera
    3) Good storage at least 128GB
    4) I will be using the phone for minimum 3 years so I need a powerful device
    5) Face ID
    6) I like Iphone since Iphone 6
    So it's time to Buy this year Iphone. Im just hoping for price to be around 1200$ for base model Iphone 11 max

  4. Face-ID is far superior and more convenient than Touch-ID in my opinion!
    I love Face-ID and I don't mind the notch as long as I get Face-ID! 😍
    I am currently using OnePlus 6 and thinking of switching permanently to iPhone 11 Max.
    And I think that the reason to upgrade to 11 Max and not the XS Max would be the Huge Camera upgrade!!

  5. Bad news for the lie about 5G around the world…. 5G is alive a kicking in Italy since May 2019…. so… may aifone 2019 won't allow users to use 5G … make sense due to Apple surely still have to pay the 8-10 Billion to Qualcomm … also in the rest of Europe %g is a reality …

  6. I have an iPhone X, usually I’m quite tempted and I’ve had a 4, 5, 6 Plus and then an iPhone X, I just wouldn’t spend the money and save for 2020. 5G in the UK is being released / rolled out as we speak and in some major cities, it’s already here. EE, Three & Vodafone and more. P.S. I’m on the toilet while typing this 😘 much love

  7. First of all, if Apple reverts back to touch ID, they'll have under the entire screen sensors for it instead of just one spot, and the latest predictions say that will only be available as a budget model for a China to improve sales there.

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