The BEST Clear Cases for the iPhone XS and iPhone XR

I have been reviewing clear cases for a while now. Personally speaking, I don’t find them tough as other cases. The fingerprinting is also an issue for me. But if you can get past that, here’s my recommendation for the best Clear Case for the iPhone XR and iPhone XS.

00:07:11 Mous Clarity (4.4 Eh’s out of 5)

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The Mous Clarity would be our case for daily use for clear cases…

48 thoughts on “The BEST Clear Cases for the iPhone XS and iPhone XR”

  1. I was looking to buy the mous clarity but at 50 bucks it’s a little pricey. I tried your discount code excitedly but “MobileReviews203CG8D” didn’t seem to work. are you no longer partnered with them or what? (I tried doing it a week or two ago and it worked but I was too indecisive.)

  2. Hey Aaron, based on your recommendation from a previous video, I got the Mous Limitless case (bamboo) for my iPhone XS a few months ago. It looks amazing and really protects against drops, but the back of the case gets extremely scratched up and dented. Do you have the same issue? Also phone gestures, especially swiping to switch apps isn't very comfortable because of the raised edges.

    I really want a clear case now, would you still recommend the Mous Clarity?

  3. I got the Rhinoshield Mod NX and I fucking love it. I'm that person who cracks their screen or chips the sides of the phone by dropping it like the first week of getting a new phone.. I hate myself for it. That said I've dropping my phone plenty since getting it and the case is very tough. It's definitely worth the 30 bucks.

  4. What’s your opinion on the Amazon choice JETech case for iPhone XR with the clear back. I’m using it right now and think it looks great but am having trouble holding it with my sweaty hands lol. I don’t mind spending a little money to protect my phone better but would also like to have better grip on the sides of the phone. Or should I just stay with the JETech case? Thanks!

  5. Aaron I have a question thats been giving me a hard time to make a phone insurance necessary if you have a good case? I'm not accident prone with my phones, I have a Speck candyshell grip on my phone now and a backup griffin survivor extreme. If your answer is no for insurance, would you wear the Speck or Griffin survivor extreme?

  6. I would never buy any of these cases due to bulky edges. I like just a box standard clear case to show off my silver sides and white back sometimes I live my life on the edge and take the case off

  7. Been looking for a clean-looking, protective case for the XR that I’m getting and got the new Mous Limitless with your code. Your review over it was the best and most informative I’ve seen, and the sole reason I bought it over other cases. Thanks for helping me find the right case and saving me 20%!

  8. Another great video! I hope you can also review the Official Apple Battery case for the iphone XS with drop tests so that we would know if it's great as a daily driver and also for protecting against drops. Thank you and more power!

  9. Rhinoshield or Mous? 🤔

    Edit: I have 2 cases from Rhinoshield, the old bumper for the iPhone SE and the SolidSuit for the iPhone 8. I want to try Mous, I’m just hesitant since I haven’t tried then yet.

  10. Most of these phone cases look cheap and take away from the premium look of the 2018 iPhones. I just usually go with Apple’s leather and silicone cases. They look great and do the job.

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