The Apple iPhone XS Max is BORING Compared to Android – Review

Compared to a lot of Android devices, the iPhone XS Max is boring. But it does have a lot of positives if you’re an iOS user. This is my review.


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27 thoughts on “The Apple iPhone XS Max is BORING Compared to Android – Review”

  1. I have been using Android for 7 years and just switched to the iPhone XS Max and it is really boring and thinking of selling it. Then I'm thinking of getting the OnePlus 6T.

  2. The reason why all apple junk are boring because timcock has no design skill, his head is full of greedy $$, i dare to say even all the idea or designed are out sourced by samsung or other 3rd party, this way timcock does not need to pay for resource and development, all their user just i dont care, they just a need new overprice junk to impress people in fakebook

    Timcocks ecosystem + iJunk + subscribion app = milk all your $$$ for your whole life, this is why i never buy timcocks junk, even someone give me 100 free iphone xs, 1000 ipad pro, 50 macbook pro, i will sold it all for the money, will never enter timcocks money rotting system

    All the rich people never own apple crap they are designed to rot people money, this is why steve job never let their kids use any iphone ipad, billgate will never buy timcocks gay shit

    I will never buy any product based on little dongles or hub or convertor, these are silly idea to cut corner and make you spend more for a complete product, its getting worse every year, people need to wakeup

  3. I was thinking on buying a MacBook air 2018(Android user) but I like to have Linux on my PC and I absolutely hate Apple's macOS. I found out that that is no longer possible on 2018 models so I wanted to contact support before buying to know if I could still use Linux but their tech support is so shit that you need an apple ID to ask a question

    That's BS

  4. Wish I could say I had a iPhone but I Know nothing of the Apple Life Lolllll I do love the Xmas for the size and the memoji but that I've observed the only thing that iPhones are good for is Taking pics that's all people go crazy about or the average person who isn't a tech lover like us who basically dissect the phones but besides that I like the iPhone Xmas nonetheless if God or life decide to see me fit for me to some how get the phone by some miracle caz I don't see myself with money to buy that 😂 my broke ass young college life but anyways love this video 😍 forever #Zakpack Slave Lolllll

  5. Man I agree with you about the fast charging. $ 1100 phone should have a fast charger and it is like a slap in the face. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I really hope that next year they change that. I wonder what they will do next year.

  6. I was planing to get xs but I might have to save… But the reason I'm staying is ik this last me years and iOS always try's to make the iPhone's faster so really thinking longterm and I know android might or will put something better out there ik it's still a soiled phone and one of the best out there.

  7. Just came over from a vyper video. New sub man! I love this setup you got here. That back ground is awesome. I had a feeling this round of iPhone’s would be lame. I’ve been using an iPhone 6 since launch weekend. Each generation since has been a hard sale for me lol maybe next year.

  8. Great vid Zak, I agree 100%. I’ve been an iPhone user ever since the 4 all the way up to the X. About 6 months ago I tried the S8+ just to see how I would like it and boy was I pleasantly surprised. I upgraded to the Note9 and have been blown away by the amount of features it has, it’s perfect for what I need out of a phone. I still have the X thinking at some point iOS will call me back but to this point the Note9 is still my daily driver.

  9. ZAK! I have a quick question, as it appears from the reflection in the MAXX that you have something running macOS. I am curious how having Android disrupts your workflow to the MAC? I only ask this as I am a iPhone user and a huge Windows guy. I have honestly been thinking about switching to Android just for better integration with Windows. Just curious on your experience.

  10. The iPhone X has mediocre battery life and is too tiny to type on, imho. That alone makes it worth the upgrade.

    Performance is only marginally better and FaceID still only works for me if I disable Require Attention, and doesn’t seem that much faster to me.

    Overall, it’s just a bigger iPhone X.

  11. I can't disagree with u especially on the fast charging. Personally I'm not in the market for a phone, and am still using a GS6…

    That and wireless charging; where is it in the $$$$$ iOS phones..?

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