Tested! Redmi K20 Pro VS OnePlus 7: Performance and Gaming Comparison

Is the Redmi K20 Pro faster than the OnePlus 7 when it comes to performance and gaming? Check out our Redmi K20 Pro vs OnePlus 7 performance and gaming comparison here. While the flagship Snapdragon 855 ensures there’s ample power in the phones to power through long gaming session and the usual tasks, which is the fastest? Is it the reliable and affordable OnePlus 7 or the Redmi K20 Pro that launched to snatch away the title of flagship killer from OnePlus.

Errata: Pls note that at 0:47…

12 thoughts on “Tested! Redmi K20 Pro VS OnePlus 7: Performance and Gaming Comparison”

  1. See when the specs are almost same i will obviously choose oneplus because of its branding i have friends who are still using oneplus 3t and even oneplus 1 and their performance are really good meanwhile redmi users complain about their phone after 2 years ….. thats just my opinion

  2. At 0:47 name of both phones are placed on the opposite sides of their respective phone images.. Please change it..
    And anyone will completely disagree that 3700 mAh battery and 4000 mAh battery is nearly same…

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