TEST: Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Huawei Watch GT

Samsung och Huawei – de två största aktörerna på Android-marknaden tampas nu även på arenan för smartklockor. I den här viden jämför vi de två senaste modellerna: Samsung Galaxy Wath vs. Huawei Watch GT. Vilken är bäst? Hur smarta är de?

– Samsung Galaxy Watch:
– Huawei Watch GT:…

50 thoughts on “TEST: Samsung Galaxy Watch vs. Huawei Watch GT”

  1. Gt for me….. do enyone know are smartwatches harmful personaly not beleve all is safe until they have limits….they are safe when they are not conect with your phone.it is my theory. Can someone tell me are they harmfull or mot?

  2. The HR monitor on the Galaxy watch does not work if you have tattoos on your wrist where the watch sits. Something Samsung are fully aware of but don't public acknowledge. High priced low tech garbage.

  3. I have the frontier 3 and love it. Using samsung pay and navigation is amazing. I dont track my sleep so I charge it every night so no issues with battery but I can go 3 days without charging. Mowing the yard with a bluetooth and my watch is much safer than carrying my phone.

  4. I think the the Huawei Watch Gt has a quite classical feel and the Samsung galaxy watch might be a little to big.

    Love you your videos,
    Can you give information about the Samsung gear s2/classic because I know many people who aren't sure about finding the right watch.

  5. Vote for samsung absolutely….Huawai used the button is old fashioned, does not look sophisticated..rotating bazel is fantastic ….this is 2019 guys not the eighties era 😉

  6. I need to clear something right up. Real life usage of both(latest) watches. The battery life is NOWHERE near the same. The Galaxy, a day or two. The Huawei GT2, 3-4 weeks. Massive difference. Same usage on both watches. The Galaxy needs to be compared to the latest Huawei for a real comparison here. No point comparing a new product with an older product. Compare both the latest ones.

  7. I bought the Huawei GT two weeks ago, without ever having heard of it. I had a look at some smart watches, but the ones with good battery life were expensive. I liked a watch that could track my bycicling and swimming (counting the length in a pool) and the Huawei just does that. Nothing more. I didn't want features like you find on a phone or other smart watches. So for me the watch not only looks great, but has the functionality that I needed. I'm very happy with it and don't regret my choice.

  8. Samsung has very simple activity functions as tracker. Huawei has "firstbeat features"(8). Firstbeat produces softwares for Garmin, Suunto, and so on…
    These are the leaders on the market and produce trackers for the elite athlets and based on the full tracking of regenerations time, lactate treshold, vo2 max, training load, recovery time advisor, race time predictor and so on. Samsung Watch is produced for the "fashion monkeys" with more smartphone features what your smartphone also has.😉 Huawei is the winner with 8x firstbeat features and long battery life.

  9. Galaxy has so many feautures but they are useless because of the battery life… uf you go with continues heart rate and gps on it will last 5-6 hours.. useless… the huawei lasts with everething on up to 2 days… and if you close the gps up to 2 weeks… its a CLEAR winer in functionality.

  10. I looked at all options before ordering my first smartwatch and although there are a few top contenders I bought the Samsung Galaxy 46 mm .Cant put enough emphasis on the rotating bezel ,with auto opening apps I minimalize how much I block the screen with my sausage fingers and is very instinctive .Once you add an after marker bezel mod it looks even better too ,
    Galaxy is fast because of their own os but also means you miss out on google related products so that may be a deal breaker for some .p.s I got mine new for $230

  11. Huawei Watch GT Active user here. For me it's the perfect smartwatch: around 14 days of battery life, has all the sport tracking apps I need. It's really good at tracking your sleep too. I personally don't care/want to have a smartwatch that has all the apps my smartphone has. Highly recommended if you want a simpler watch with class-leading battery life!

  12. I am android user, but honestly speaking apple watch seems to be far better than any of our watches. E.g i own galaxy s3, but i cant have android apps on it. And the android watches themselves dont have access to many major apps. Than, these watches should be able to detect workputs efficiently, which they dont. I have come to a point where i can say that smart watches are not smart enough to be bought. May be after 1 decade they will be. Coz lets be honest, after galaxy s3 how much did samsung improved in this new galaxy watch.. not much. N secondly being a tech giant, samsung shd be working with android to enhance android watch platform, instead of introducing there own tizen. Why dont ppl learn from previous cases, such as nokia. They didnt accept android and were doomed.

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