Test Game PUBG Mobile on Vivo Y85

29 thoughts on “Test Game PUBG Mobile on Vivo Y85”

  1. Whenevr i play pubg in vivo 1726, i do 2 things asap
    1. I abuse so much to the salesman who sold me this shit.
    2.i uninstall pubg as soon as i try to kill an enemy.

    Then i again abuse the salesman and i promise myself i will do the same in front that fucking salesman.

    P.s. mediatek processor are worst for playing pubg..

  2. Ебать !Казалось бы 4гб оперативники ,процессор MediaTek Helio P22, 2000МГц ,но сука он тормоз! на средних настройках так тупить жесть! у меня moto e4 plus с 3гб оперативки, процессор MTK 6737 1.3 ггц так не тупит как этот vivo😂
    Автору ролика большое спасибо за обзор!Теперь я точно уверен что не буду брать этот телефон .

    Fuck! It would seem that 4GB operatives, MediaTek Helio P22 processor, 2000 MHz, bit the brake! on medium settings so blunt the tin! I have a moto e4 plus with 3GB of RAM, MTK 6737 1.3 GHz processor is not as stupid as this vivo😂
    Many thanks to the author of the video for the review! Now I’m sure that I won’t take this phone.
    P.s Sorry for my English I use Google translator.

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