Tailosive Tech meets MKBHD (1/5)

MKBHD and I talk about the Google Pixel and headphone jack.

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31 thoughts on “Tailosive Tech meets MKBHD (1/5)”

  1. man i can't believe i have been watching you from that long ago! i think i started here on tailosive tech in the late summer after watching zone of tech and so many people asked him to collab with you so I thought. This channel must be pretty neat channel! and now i watch mkbhd as well so im going to re watch these with a different set of eyes.

  2. This is how tech channels should be, not one hating the other for something they want or think is better, should be like hey man sit down have a beer 🍺, so what do you like in smartphones, I like IOS, I like android, IOS is cool clean fast and very dependable, Android is awesome too lots of features costumize anything nice looking devices…………… Ya know sharing thoughts and opinions and ideas, this is what it should all be like right here, I'll always watch if it's more like this ☺️

  3. One more qn to this guy ever considered how tech revolution would be if it was just Apple? It would be terrible what about developing nation's? We all know iPhone is pretty unaccessible for avg Joe

  4. So let me guess one of the best tech youtuber in the world prefers Android exp I can't help but laugh at how Tailosive is trying so hard to not show spite on that 😂

  5. The starstruck nervousness… decked out in Apple gear…there's fan-boyishness on so many different levels here I just can't watch…God bless all of you that don't have cold hearts like mine and can watch this without puking.

  6. love your videos and you make me laugh sometimes in a good way. I get you and your videos. I have been an apple fan although I don't agree with alk they do. I got the iPhone X and is a great piece of equipment. The gestures for me no problem within one day it took me back to when I had blackberry.I have tried OP 5T S8 etc and now have the P20 Pro but after using them for couple weeks I return to my iPhone X. Yes its not perfect but it just makes it so easy to use it and feel more secured with 3D face unlock for all my banking apps etc. So I decided to keep the P20 Pro as my second device and have the best of bith worlds. my other hardware is apple so I am a bit locked in their eco system I guess.

  7. The issue is that they haven't really replaced it with anything that's universal, apple wants to sell lightening headphones, everyone else is using USB C and I can't find any decent USB C headphones

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